Ganesh Mandir Islampur

Ganesh Mandir

Lord Ganesh Temple is located within the town of Tasgaon within the Sangli district within the Indian state of Maharashtra. Most of the Ganesh idols have a left-sided trunk, whereas this temple's idol's trunk bends towards the correct. The Ganesh idol with the trunk curving towards the right is claimed to be 'active (Jagrut)’. This Ganesh is considered a living idol, able to bless communities with smart luck, wisdom, prosperity, and happiness. The idol is embellished with solid gold, consideration 125 kilograms (276 lb).


The construction of a temple at Ganesh was begun in 1779 by Parasuram Bhau Patwardhan and finished in 1799 by his son Appa Patwardhan. This construction was created by Hindu caste people from Karnataka. Its design resembles South Indian temple construction. It consists of an image−chamber and a hall (Mandapa) of plain however finely worked stone.

Ganesh Mandir

This Ganpati stays for one and half-day. The Procession starts within the afternoon for the immersion of Ganpati. The thirty feet 'Ratha' (chariot) accustomed adorn particularly for this occasion. Ratha is forced by the Ganpati devotees up to stream wherever they do immersion of Ganpati.